Having discovered what my solution to thriving was, I needed to accept that it was indeed the right answer. It is one thing to find an answer and it’s another to accept that it is actually the right answer. When someone makes you angry you always want an explanation from them but it’s not easy to take in whatever they say to you. Ask a woman who has ever asked their husband why they cheated. Am sure the answer wasn’t any interesting. Accepting something is never easy especially when you had to choose from many options which you would have preferred to what you chose or what you found.

I searched for an answer to my worries but it was not easy to accept that the answer was just me. Although I was glad, I was still a little worried. I could not stand letting myself down after blaming others for so long. The challenge you will face with accepting that you are the solution to your problems is betraying yourself. Not being good enough.

We often under look ourselves not because we doubt ourselves but because we are afraid of letting our desires down. We always want to have someone to blame for our mistakes. It is relieving to your demeanor. You need to understand that when you place your life in your own hands, you can never give yourself a chance to regret or make any mistakes that you will have to blame yourself for. I learnt this and it guided me to accept that I was the perfect candidate to lead my life.

I stopped looking up to others, searching different angles and I placed myself in my own hands and obviously God. It was that time that I said I was going to do everything for myself and I would keep going to see myself thrive. I know this is confusing at this time but I’ll put it right for you.

I was always afraid of what my future would be like and how I was going to live my life and from discovering that the answer to this was me, I was to put everything aside and brace myself for the journey that was to benefit yours truly in whatever way and form. I decided that from that day I was to look at no one else other than me and whatever step I took towards any decision I made, I was to conclude it with full positivity for me. You may be struggling with all the worries and hard times you are facing, just step up and shine in your own world. Do not give in to any negativity from anyone or anything but rather use yourself as your own motivation and keep filling yourself with positivity and energy to carry on.

The only way you can be good to yourself is if you accept that you are actually good for yourself. It is also the only way that people will start to see the good in you. To be good for others, you need to start with being good to yourself. To be best at your job, you need to be best at taking care of yourself. If you feel negative about yourself then trust me no one will feel positive about you. You will not only stop at doubting yourself but will go further to stop believing in yourself.

It is only you who is going to earn you the future you are hoping for and make all your dreams come true. Believing in yourself is a great form of acceptance and once you start believing in yourself nothing negative can shade even a little positivity from you but you will rather be fully empowered and what a nice way to empower yourself.

It won’t be easy as I already said but ask yourself why you tried everything and failed! There must have been something lacking and believe it or not, it was you that was missing. You didn’t support yourself enough. You were the solution you could not find, the answer you could not get and you need to accept that and own it. If you still have failed to accept then ask yourself, what if everyone you are always counting on was no more? What if something happened and they were all gone? Who else would be there to support you? You would be there to lift yourself up. Accept that you are the key to open your doors of success, the final nail to lockup the box of your troubles and the only positivity to kick out negativity from your life. Accept yourself and one way you will do this excruciatingly is by loving yourself. I call this operation self-love. It is the operation that will help you discover your inner amazing abilities that will leave you delightful and ready for greater heights.



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