Operation self-love is not just about loving yourself although it is mainly what it is about. It’s about dedicating time for yourself, to yourself, giving yourself opportunities to discover the positive things you didn’t know about yourself. Loving yourself comes with accepting yourself for who you are.  When you learn that you can do great things for yourself and accept that fact, the only way you will actually believe in yourself to do those great things is by starting to love yourself because once you do that, you will be able to allow yourself to exploit the available tasks with no doubt that you will actually succeed.

There are things that I did which helped me to love myself more and they are the ones I will be sharing;


Setting time apart just for yourself is one way you will get to love yourself more or start loving yourself. Many of us have time for work, friends and other duties but we never give ourselves sufficient time to know ourselves better and this is why we don’t notice that we don’t actually love ourselves enough or love ourselves at all. You can create time maybe monthly or weekly and specify that time to be when you get too interact with yourself. During that time, examine yourself about what you like, what you hate, what makes you happy/sad, your weaknesses/strengths and you will learn that the more you get to know yourself will be the more you get comfortable with yourself hence creating a way to love yourself for who you are.

Also creating time for yourself will enable you to do the things you love without anyone objecting like reading a book, working out, watching a movie and all the happiness that results from those actions as you do all that for yourself will improve the love you have for yourself.

2-Being your own judge

Most times why we have failed to be grateful for our own works, our looks is because we let other people judge us. You want your friend to tell you if you look nice and their opinion matters over yours. This means that if your friend doesn’t really love you, you might end up hating yourself too. But I learnt that  being my own judge in some situations especially things that deal with my personal matters, is one way I can get to appreciate myself and love myself and the same can work for you.

Tell yourself that ‘I am beautiful’ before anyone else does and you will have all the confidence you need to go through the day. And with that the love will be flowing.

3-Don’t compare yourself to anyone

If there are many people in your life, you will at times find yourself competing even when it was never your intention. It gets worse when everyone in your life is perfect. You will starting judging your work based on how good it is compared to someone else’s.

But if you want to love yourself and actually feel more perfect than the rest, then don’t compare yourself to any of them. Look at yourself for yourself, judge your works at your own pace. If it is good in your eyes, then it’s what is good. Don’t wish to be like anyone else but wish to be a better version of yourself. When you achieve that, you will love no one else more but you.

4-Avoid negativity

Not everyone in your life will always be positive and when you allow negative people in your life, you will be creating room for self doubt. While some people appreciate what’s good about you, some will always be reminding you of your imperfections. Even you yourself sometimes can be a force of negativity to yourself. For example when you doubt yourself. If you allow negativity in your life, you will definitely yield negative results and even when the positive results are there, your point of focus will be the negative. Trust me if you are always fixed on what’s wrong in your life, you will never love yourself. Avoid negativity, accept positivity and you will love yourself and what you will make of yourself.

5-Evaluate peoples opinions after your own

This is more like being your own judge but here you have a choice to allow other people’s opinions. However, you are to consider yours first. Ask yourself, can I do this and then you can ask someone else later. Evaluate your answer first before theirs. You can follow their opinion but consider what you have to say first.

6-Doing the things you love.

You can show yourself love by doing the things you love. Avoid doing things because the rest of the group is doing them. Don’t only go out if your friends are going out, if you love to go out go. When you do what you love it makes you happy. Even when you do the job you love, you do it well. So do the things you love and that way you will be loving yourself and it will help you explore more things with a good attitude.

7-Be your own competitor

To love yourself, you can compete with yourself. This helps you to strive to be better and also helps appreciate every new step you achieve.  When you look back and see how you have transformed, you will appreciate yourself and in the process love yourself.

8-Physical aspect

The physical aspect plays a big role in our love for ourselves. Try as much as you can to love your body the way it is and it will grow the confidence you have in yourself. If you can work out and look even better, go for it because it will help you love yourself more. Eat healthy, take care of yourself, look good and maintain your body at the level you’ll feel more beautiful.

9-Ask God to teach you how to love yourself

When we ask God for anything, he never disappoints and in the aspect of loving ourselves, there is no better teacher. God loved us first before anyone else, He knew us and knows us more than anyone else. He will be the perfect teacher to help you accept yourself for who you are, love yourself for who you are and who He has made you.

10– Aside from God, no one else knows you better than you know yourself so do you, be you, feel you and give yourself the love in the best way you can imagine because no one will ever do that for you.

Having been able to do all these things, I am sure you will be full of motivation, love and confidence to do more in life and to achieve all your goals. You will then be ready to exploit your capabilities and explore more opportunities in life than you ever imagined. By this point, you will have actually found that piece of you that you needed to feel complete. You will then need to explore the new you to discover more about yourself and how to maintain your new found happiness. Exploration???




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