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Death was arrested

Song by North Point Inside Out “You have made me new now life begins with you. It’s your endless love pouring down on us, you have made us new now life begins with you…” This is one of the lines I sing or listen to and tears just flow. Not that I am sad but… Continue reading Death was arrested

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Just wishing…

Lately I've been going through some changes in life. Not puberty or something but real life changes. Getting out into the world having finished my bachelor's degree(God I feel good writing this 😎😎😝), living alone and a lot other stuff.   At the same time, I've a lot on my mind , a lot to… Continue reading Just wishing…



photo by Rothen Piaget: photo of my Muslim friend Zulfa. (love her) The weather was perfect, just after a down power. with the skies so clear and the plants looking greener than usual, i couldn't stop admiring God's lovely creation. indeed i was amazed at how beautiful everything appeared. Like any other photographer (not that… Continue reading EMBRACING YOUR RELIGION AND UPHOLDING IT’S VALUES.